Is ****** vegan?

This is definitely my most Google’d question so far this year… Mainly because a lot of packaged foods that appear vegan when you read the ingredient list can actually have sneaky animal products or in some other way aren’t animal friendly (sad face).

Lactic acid, lecithin, pepsin, and whey are just some of the super sneaky non-vegan ingredients found in some processed foods. It’s interesting finding out what the hell all these things are though!

We thought we were kicking ass so far avoiding milk, eggs, cheese and sticking to more obvious plant products but now in week 2 of Veganuary come the tough questions that arise in our next level of veganism! Where do we draw the line as newbie vegans? Where do most vegans draw the line? What ‘level’ of veganism are we each satisfied with? Anyone who’s spent any time on Youtube, message boards or the comments section of a vegan websites will tell you how angry and preachy some hardcore vegans can be (way to put people off the lifestyle guys!).

The obvious way around this is to not eat processed foods at all, but that can be tricky when it comes to things like sauces or preserves which often add a quick burst of flavour to your salad or tofu dishes! Arghhhh. Personally I’m balancing working with a part-time masters, tutouring, blogging and weight training so I do rely on quick, convenient products when it comes to stuff like this.

Long story short, after a kick-ass tofu stir fry (Dragonfly from Holland and Barrett) I ended up emailing Hellmans to double check whether the Yakinuku sauce I was using was vegan friendly (it certainly looks that way from the ingredient list) and I am *praying* it is as it’s super delicious and a cupboard staple of mine. Pray with me now – MC


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