Moar vegetables plz


That’s my feelings on last week, both on a global scale and about my (mainly work) life. Trying to balance working, studying and not getting stressed out by anything and everything… I think everyone is entitled to have one of *those* days/weeks/months/years.

I’m genuinely shocked and proud of myself that I have any fails last week.. I did look at a scone longingly on Thursday night after another long day of hitting my head off the metaphorical wall but didn’t cave. WIN (it was never about the scone, it was about me being tired and cranky AF).

Three weeks into Veganuary I can safely report that my skin is awesome and my sleep is a lot better too (providing I don’t sit up late watching Skyrim videos on YouTube like any normal 27 year old young lady). However last week I was stress eating my fair share of skittles, peanut butter and Nak’d bars (SO GOOD). This isn’t a problem in itself but I know I need to be conscious of my blood sugar and insulin resistance as I’m trying to sort out some of my health issues with a nice wholesome, vegan diet but that’s a bit pointless if I’m riding the sugar train every damn day.

Vegan birthday cake one of my uni pals made this week. It was insanely good. No regrets.

My focus this week is to try and get more wholesome veggies as the main bulk of my meals and try and limit the amount of instant-sugar-processed-carb-y foods unless I’m going for a run or to lifting weights or and I need a little fuel. I’ve got a lot of soups and some soya chilli prepped this weekend and I’m hoping a few tofu stir-frys and sweet jacket potatoes with beans will set me on the right track. I’ve been pretty inspired by some of the Whole Starch Low Fat (WSLF) videos from Mr & Mrs Vegan and Basic Vegan Bitch who have really good recipe/snack ideas that are low on processed foods.

Prepping lots of colourful veg for lunches this week.

All that said, I hate this idea of wellness as a currency and people who show off how damn healthy/clean/virtuous they are and put others down based on their lifestyle choices. I think Bea and I both pride ourselves on how not preachy we are when it comes to food, we’re much happier being self-deprecating and not taking ourselves too seriously. You can remember that when you see me consoling myself with Pip and Nut this week as my assignment deadline looms… Best intentions and all that! – MC


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