Optimistic Spring Vegan Risotto

There are some meals that I just knew I’d never make a decent vegan version. Baked eggs, trifle, risotto. Especially risotto. Cream, butter, cheese, taking those things out would basically just leave behind a bowl of rice, stock and sad veg. Right? Wrong! So wrong. It’s almost like me underestimating vegan cooking is an ongoing theme of this blog…

Anyway! To celebrate the end of Veganuary I decided to make a risotto, forgetting that – thanks to the whole vegan thing – I didn’t actually have any butter, cream, etc in the house.

(Reading this back, I’m starting to wonder if I should just go on one of those nutritional shake diets seeing as, clearly, I can’t be trusted to taking cooking seriously)

After some frantic Googling and working out how bothered I could be to leave the house (it was snowing, case closed) I found this Vegan Asparagus Risotto recipe from Cafe Johnsonia. I only had half the asparagus needed but, in a burst of misplaced confidence, I had recently brought a kilo worth of mixed spring greens. Sugar snap peas, in! Baby spinach, in! Unidentified cabbage like leaf things, in!

The result was amazing, creamy as a vegan’s hell and highly recommended although I didn’t need all the stock she recommends (4-5 cups was enough to get al dente rice). Now go and cook yourself a pan of happiness –¬†Bea

When we posted this on Instagram we were asked to recommend vegan wines – before Bea goes out to rinse her local supermarket, do you have any recommendations?


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